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What are OSHA and California OSHA requirements for forklift training?

Prior to operating a forklift, OSHA and California OSHA requires that operators be given training on how to operate a forklift safely. They must also be given site specific and equipment specific training for your company and then be evaluated by the employer to verify that they are competent to safely operate a forklift. FORKLIFT TECH provides this training with our online training program and also provides for the creation of an in-house Trainer to perform the hands-on site specific and equipment specific training at your company. FORKLIFT TECH also records all training to your own company account, allowing for very simple and largely paperless record keeping on your part. This record provides your company with proof of training and compliance with OSHA regulations in the event of a serious accident. Our program is structured to have a single Administrator from your company whose primary job is to purchase and assign subscriptions.

Does OSHA have approved training programs?

OSHA does not approve or certify any type of training program. FORKLIFT TECH provides all of the required content in the OSHA regulations regarding forklift training for operators. Our program is always current. Any changes in OSHA requirements will be immediately updated.

Who should take the training?

OSHA states that before any employee is allowed to operate a forklift, the employer is required to demonstrate that an employee has successfully completed a forklift training and evaluation course of study.  FORKLIFT TECH assists your company to fulfill this requirement with our online training and on site testing guidelines.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (the primary law governing the employment of youth under age 18), prohibits workers under the age of 18 from using forklifts and similar equipment in nonagricultural industries, (Hazardous Order No. 7 Power Driven Apparatus Occupations). In agricultural industries, minors under the age of 16 are prohibited from using forklifts.

Temporary help must also be instructed about your specific equipment and your specific facility even if they have been certified by their employer. For the sake of uniformity, we recommend retraining temporary help using FORKLIFT TECH.

Refresher training is required by OSHA if an operator is observed to operate the forklift in an unsafe manner, is involved in an accident or near miss incident, receives an evaluation which reveals he is not operating the forklift safely, is assigned to a different forklift, or conditions in the workplace change which can affect forklift safety. FORKLIFT TECH allows for complete retraining in these events and allows the Administrator to decertify operators through the Administrative Control Page. At the minimum, the Trainer will need to evaluate these operators before they continue their duties.

In addition, an evaluation of each operator's performance is required every three years.

FORKLIFT TECH recommends complete retraining every three years which requires purchase of another subscription, even though this is not required by OSHA. This is the reason for the three year time limit on an operator's certification.

FORKLIFT TECH provides a brief refresher training section, available when certified operators log in. FORKLIFT TECH recommends operators log in every 6 months and take this training to reinforce important safety issues.

Can Spanish speaking employees take the training?

FORKLIFT TECH now provides REGULAR Forklift Training for Spanish speaking employees. After logging in with their username and password, Spanish speaking students click the button labeled Oprima el Boton para Espanol. From that point on, all the training will shift to Spanish. To shift back to English, students can click the Click to Change to English Language button. At this time, we do not have Demountable or Telehandler Forklift training in Spanish.

How do I accomplish on-site training?

Your Trainer will normally perform on-site training and then log in to FORKLIFT TECH to record completion of that operator's on-site training. This creates a record of the operator's training and certifies the operator. After certification, the trainer can print a certificate of completion and driver license for the operator.

There is no requirement for a driver's license, but it provides the operator with a simple document showing his completion of a forklift training and certification program.

Who performs the certification?

Your company performs the certification that an operator has received the OSHA required training, has been evaluated regarding your specific company equipment and work site, and has shown themselves to be a competent and safe forklift operator.

What kind of computer equipment do I need?

Almost any type of computer with a current Internet browser and a minimum of a 56K connection speed will be all you need to take the training.  While we recommend having sound on the computer, it is not required.

When does a General Forklift Certification expire?

OSHA requires evaluation of an operator every three years. Therefore, a General Forklift Certification is valid for 3 years. Our program changes the status of a Certified OPERATOR from "Certified" to "Certification Expired" after 3 years. The Training Administrator must then purchase another subscription for General Forklift Training, assign it to that person, then have the person take the training to again become certified. An email notification of this change of status is sent to the Training Administrator 30 days prior to expiration.

How do I register as a new company?

Register by clicking the Register Free button or the Register button on the home page and follow the instructions. Registration costs nothing, but allows you to create an ADMINISTRATOR. The ADMINISTRATOR can now log in from the home page to their private Administrator Control page. These controls allow for purchasing subscriptions, creating students, assigning them subscriptions, and various other control functions.

How do I purchase the training subscriptions and what happens to them?

Create an ADMINISTRATOR by clicking the REGISTER button or the REGISTER FREE button and fill in the required information. Go back to the Site home page and log in as the ADMINISTRATOR which will then display the Administrator Control Page. Click the SHOP button and purchase as many subscriptions as needed. These subscriptions are added to your company account but can not be used until assigned to a particular STUDENT. Then create new STUDENT usernames and passwords for each new STUDENT by clicking the ADD STUDENTS button. The last step is to assign the subscriptions to the STUDENTS by clicking the ASSIGN STUDENTS button. Once assigned a subscription and given their username and password by the ADMINISTRATOR, the STUDENT can immediately begin training by logging in with their username and password from any computer with an internet connection.

What does it cost and how do I pay?

Individual student subscriptions for Regular Forklift Training cost $44.95 per student. Demountable Forklift Training subscriptions cost $69.95 per student and Telehandler Forklift Training subscriptions cost $49.95 per student. These can be paid online with VISA, Master Card, or American Express. You can also pay with a company check by sending the indicated amount per subscription to Ocean Learning, Inc., 13416 Copper Hills Drive Manchaca, Texas 78652.

What is your security policy about my company information?

Ocean Learning, Inc. and FORKLIFT do not share your company information with any third parties.  This information is only used internally to market Ocean Learning’s training products. Your company information and training records can only be released by providing us with a request signed by a company officer.

Is my credit card information securely transmitted?

Credit card information is transmitted on secure server page, the standard for the e commerce industry, through

Can I take the training as an individual?

Individuals can take the training. You will have to register yourself as a Company, create your Administrator username and password, then purchase a subscription. Then you must create a new identity as a Student, assign the subscription to the Student, then log in as the Student. We recommend that you have your forklift sales representative perform your on-site training using the downloadable guidelines from the TRAINER Controls.

Who creates the Usernames and Passwords?

The Administrator creates all STUDENT Usernames and passwords.

What if I don't have a TRAINER?

TRAINERS are designated from your list of trained Certified OPERATORS. When you train your first STUDENT, you will have no one on the list of Certified OPERATORS. You have two choices. 

The first is to waive the on-site training and testing of the STUDENT based on your satisfaction that this STUDENT has enough prior knowledge and experience with your forklifts, equipment, and company procedures that he can be a safe forklift operator. 

The second is to ask your forklift sales representative to perform on-site training of that STUDENT using the downloadable on-site training guidelines.

What if I am a one person company?

One person companies are not a problem.  You can be both the ADMINISTRATOR and a STUDENT.  The only requirement is that you use separate Usernames and Passwords for each position.  As STUDENT, you will take the online training.  You will then arrange for your forklift sales representative to perform on-site training to complete your certification.  However, if you have prior forklift experience, as the ADMINISTRATOR you can log on to your Administrator Control page and elect to waive the on-site training for yourself (the STUDENT). This completes the training and you are now certified as an OPERATOR.

How do I find the Trainer Controls?

As ADMINISTRATOR, you have access to all the Trainer Controls. Certified OPERATORS who have been designated as TRAINERS by the ADMINISTRATOR also have access to the Trainer Controls. This page has extra training to teach the TRAINER about his new duties. It also has controls to record on-site STUDENT training, print certificates, and print Trainer Guidelines.

I forgot my password?

If the ADMINISTRATOR forgets his Username and Password, just press the button "Forgot Your Password?" on the log in screen and it will be emailed to the Administrator.  If a STUDENT or TRAINER forgets their password, the ADMINISTRATOR can log on and see it on the Administrator Control page.

Who certifies forklift operators?

Your company certifies OPERATORS.  FORKLIFT TECH provides a certificate of completion of our Forklift Safety Training Program.

Who can take the Forklift Safety Refresher Training?

Forklift Safety Refresher Training is available to any Certified Forklift OPERATOR.

How is on site testing accomplished?

Your TRAINER normally handles the on site testing using your equipment and your facility.  Guidelines, available from the Trainer Control page, list suggestions for this training and testing. Once completed, your TRAINER logs in, opens the Trainer Control page, and follows the instructions to record the STUDENT'S completion of the training. At this point, the status of the STUDENT changes to Certified OPERATOR. The TRAINER can then print certificates for the Operator on your local printer.

Where do I find the Trainer Guidelines?

Trainer Guidelines are found on the Trainer Control page and also on the Administrator Control page under the Trainer Controls.

How do I remove employees from my Company?

From your Administrator Home Page, click View All Employees to see all the employees in the program. Click the EDIT button at the far right, next to the employee's name. Then click on the red DELETE USER & DATA button. This will delete the employee's Certification and Training Record.

How do I remove the Certification of an Operator?

From your Administrator Home Page, click View All Employees. Click the EDIT button at the far right, next to the employee's name. Then click on the red DELETE USER & DATA button. This will delete the employee's Certification and Training Record. To recertify, purchase a new training subscription and have the employee take the training again.

How Do I SAVE an Employee's Training Record

You can SAVE your Employee’s Training Record as follows: OPEN the Employee’s Training Record. Right click on the Training Record page. Click on “Save Page As”. In the “File Name” box, Enter a File Name such as the employee’s name. In the “Save as Type” box, choose Web Page, HTML only. It is very IMPORTANT that you select this file type. Click “SAVE”.

How Do I PRINT an Employee's Training Record

OPEN the Employee’s Training Record. Click on your Browser’s PRINT button. The Training Record will open in PRINT VIEW. Click on the PRINT button.



The page controls are at the bottom right of the training screen.  Next page, Previous page, and Replay buttons control the pace of the training.


A STUDENT'S Training Record is available to him when he logs in. Company Training Records are only available to the ADMINISTRATOR from his Administrator Control Page.  Company Training Records show every STUDENT'S training taken, completion dates, certification dates, and any TRAINER designations.


The ADMINISTRATOR is the person at your company who will oversee the Forklift Safety Training Program, pay for the training, decide who should be trained, select TRAINERS from the list of Certified OPERATORS, and help the TRAINER resolve forklift safety issues. The Administrator does not need to take the training or be Certified.


The STUDENT is a person who has a valid subscription and who has not yet completed the online training and the on site training and testing.  STUDENTS are given 60 days to complete the program.


A CERTIFIED OPERATOR is an individual who has successfully completed the FORKLIFT TECH Training Program which includes ONLINE training & testing and ON SITE training by the Company. Certification lasts for three years.


A TRAINER is a FORKLIFT TECH Certified OPERATOR who has been designated as a TRAINER by the ADMINISTRATOR through his control page. He should have prior knowledge and experience with your forklift operations, company procedures, safety issues at your company that will affect forklift operations, how your company products should be handled, and company policies. This person should also be able to teach STUDENTS.


This page has controls so the TRAINER can print Trainer Guidelines, complete STUDENTS' on site training records, and print certificates.


The log in page for the ADMINISTRATOR allows him to purchase additional STUDENT subscriptions, see Usernames and Passwords, print Company Training Records, designate TRAINERS, and has all the controls available to the TRAINER on the Trainer Control Page.


Available to both the ADMINISTRATOR and the TRAINER, these are guidelines for performing the on site training and testing at your Company and the list of recommended daily inspections required by OSHA.