Telehandler Forklift Training

Trains and Certifies on Telehandler Forklifts

$49.95 for a 3 year Subscription

  1. Register
  2. Log in as Administrator to the Administrator Control Page
  3. Purchase a Telehandler subscription from the Administrator Control Page
  4. Create a Student from the Administrator Control Page
  5. Assign the subscription to the Student from the Administrator Control Page
  6. Tell the Student their Username and Password
  7. Let the Student log in from any internet connected computer and begin training

General Information

What is a Telehandler forklift?
What training is provided by Forklift Tech?
Who should take the Telehandler training?
Can Spanish speaking employees take the training?
How do I accomplish On Site Training?
Who performs the certification?

What is a Telehandler forklift?

Telehandler forklifts are specialized forklifts used primarily in the construction industry. Here is a picture of a typical Telehandler forklift. These forklifts may also be known as Skytrack, Lull, and telescopic forklifts.

What training is provided by Forklift Tech?

Forklift Tech provides a complete training program leading to certification on this type of forklift. Forklift Tech provides 390 pages of training. Each page is narrated with text.

This training provides specific information on how telehandlers are different from conventional forklift, using personnel platforms, reading the load chart, how to lift loads, electrical hazards, and worksite safety.

Who should take the Telehandler training?

OSHA states that before any employee is allowed to operate a Telehandler forklift, the employer is required to demonstrate that an employee has successfully completed a forklift training and evaluation course of study.  FORKLIFT TECH assists your company to fulfill this requirement with our online training and on site testing guidelines.

Temporary help must also be instructed about your specific equipment and your specific facility even if they have been certified by their employer. For the sake of uniformity, we recommend retraining temporary help using FORKLIFT TECH.

Refresher training is required by OSHA if an operator is observed to operate the forklift in an unsafe manner, is involved in an accident or near miss incident, receives an evaluation which reveals he is not operating the forklift safely, is assigned to a different forklift, or conditions in the workplace change which can affect forklift safety. FORKLIFT TECH allows for complete retraining in these events and allows the Administrator to decertify operators through the Administrative Control Page. At the minimum, the Trainer will need to evaluate these operators before they continue their duties.

In addition, an evaluation of each operator's performance is required every three years.

FORKLIFT TECH recommends complete retraining every three years which requires purchase of another subscription, even though this is not required by OSHA. This is the reason for the three year time limit on an operator's certification.

FORKLIFT TECH provides a brief refresher training section, available when certified operators log in. FORKLIFT TECH recommends operators log in every 6 months and take this training to reinforce important safety issues.

Can Spanish speaking employees take the training?

Telehandler training is currently not available in Spanish.

How do I accomplish on-site training?

Your Trainer will normally perform on-site training on the Telehandler forklifts at your location and then log in to FORKLIFT TECH to record completion of that operator's on-site training. This creates a record of the operator's training and certifies the operator. After certification, the trainer can print a certificate of completion and driver license for the operator.

There is no requirement for a driver's license, but it provides the operator with a simple document showing his completion of a forklift training and certification program.

Who performs the certification?

Your company performs the certification that an operator has received the OSHA required training, has been evaluated regarding your specific company equipment and work site, and has shown themselves to be a competent and safe forklift operator.