Creating and Training Trainers

The person who conducts the ON SITE TRAINING, which is the evaluation of employees on the company's equipment at the company's worksite, is generally referred to as the TRAINER. OSHA guidelines state that this person must be "Trained, Knowledgeable, and Experienced". Our program satisfies the "Trained and Knowledgeable" requirements. It is up to the company to select the person who is experienced enough to perform the Operator evaluations.

Trainers monitor the training status of Students, perform hands-on training of Students, instruct Students about unique forklift operation issues at your Company, log in and record hands-on training of Students to convert them to Certified Operators, print Certificates of Completion for Certified Operators, and act as a Forklift Safety Monitor within your Company.

Trainers are created by the Administrator through the Administrator's Control Page from a list of Certified Operators. THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO CONVERT FORKLIFT TECH CERTIFIED OPERATORS TO TRAINERS.

Newly created Trainers will see three training chapters on their log in page which will help them to understand their new duties as Trainer. They will also have additional controls to allow them to monitor training, record hands-on training, and print Certificates of Completion.