Individual Registration

Individuals not employed by a company can take the forklift training but cannot certify themselves. If you own your own one man company, this does not apply.

We recommend that individuals wait until they are employed by a company and have that company purchase a subscription for them under the company name.

OSHA does not allow companies to accept transfers of forklift certification from other companies or individuals. EACH COMPANY MUST RETRAIN AND CERTIFY ITS OWN EMPLOYEES.

In addition, Forklift Tech cannot transfer certifications from an individual to a company.

If you still want to take the training as an individual, first REGISTER to create your Administrator username and password.

Log in with your Administrator username and password, click the SHOP button, and purchase a single subscription.

Click the ADD STUDENTS button and create a new username and password for yourself as a Student. (Do not use the same username and password that you created as Administrator.) Then go back to the Administrator Page.

Click the ASSIGN STUDENTS button, then click the ASSIGN button next to your Student name.

Log out as Administrator.

Log in as the Student and take the training. When all sections of the Student training are complete and you have taken the test, log out.

You have now completed the on-line training, but you still need to have on-site training to be certified.

Take this information to your new employer and have them perform the on-site training. Remember, your forklift certification is for the machinery and worksite of the company you work for. It is the COMPANY that is actually certifying you.

If your new employer wants to certify you using Forklift Tech, they can REGISTER on Forklift Tech and follow the instructions for certification of employees.